At Gizmodo you can see a keyless keyboard from Minebea called the Cool Leaf.  It is one of three products that they have recently rolled out, the other two being a calculator and a universal remote control.  All look like a translucent piece of plastic or glass but are in fact an electrostatic capacity type touch panel and a load sensor.  Waterproof and dirt proof, though probably not smudge proof, they are both attractive and utilitarian and might be on many a desk in the not too distant future.

“Cool Leaf is an input system that’s perfectly flat, and wonderfully mirrored. A Japanese company called Minebea pioneered it, and they’re demonstrating it with a keyboard, calculator, and remote control that are complete key top-free.

The immediately apparent benefit—other than the crazy-futuristic look— is that the devices would be easy to clean: no keys for dust or crumbs to get stuck behind or under. The reflective surface also looks great, although I’d be worried about smudging.”

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