If you are looking at all the new hardware that has come out over the past few months and are trying to figure out just how long you will need to live on Ramen noodles in order to afford an upgrade, there is an easier way.  Why not overclock your machine as far as it will go?  Our Overclocking Forum is the perfect place to find out just how to do that as well as comparing your overclock to similar systems.  Whether you are fairly experience and looking for a way to squeeze a little bit more out of your memory or if you are brand new to the whole process you can find what you need right there.   We must admit that some things are harder to support an overclock on though.

If you do have the money to do an upgrade, there is one very popular and effective component that many people are considering.  If the SSD is a little steep for you, perhaps you can settle for something that is new to you.  The Trading Post is doing a lot of business lately with both requests for kit that might net you money as well as list of components for sale or for trade so you can buy and try something you never have before.

You can also catch our latest Podcast where we examine the new chipset from AMD and Allyn discusses several new drives he has tested and then rips Patriot a new one as he demonstrates that his own personal machine can beat the IOPs Artemis, while it is running other tasks.