AMD for the Common Gaming Good?

PC Perspective: Weekend Gaming Edition - General Tech 5AMD is pushing for a new level of cooperation between game developers and hardware vendors – specifically in the areas of stereoscopic 3D (or S3D) and in-game physics. AMD’s strategy is to open up the APIs so that any developer can take advantage of S3D and physics regardless of their choice of hardware underneath.

This is a direct response to NVIDIA’s “closed” approach to their PhysX and 3D Vision technologies. It remains to be seen how AMD plans to execute this initiative and how it plays out for the consumer. In the meantime, NVIDIA seems rather happy to be the dominant player in these areas.

Good PC games on sale from your favourite digital distributor

The two highlights are: The Mass Effect 2 deal is pretty sweet since it’s a fairly lengthy game that is well designed. While AvP’s reviews were average, it is one of the few games out there that will take advantage of your DirectX 11 GPU. There are other games on sale like World of Goo and STALKER available at other distribution channels. Check out this list for the breakdown of what is on sale this week.

PC Perspective: Weekend Gaming Edition - General Tech 6
Grunt approves of a 40% discount on Mass Effect 2.
Tali … well, she’s still whining about her exile.

Another World on Good Old Games

I remember playing Another World on my old Pentium. I was amazed at the animation and the fun game play. I never did finish Another World, but here’s my chance because it has now been re-released on Good Old Games. I wonder if they’re going to re-release Flash Back as well?

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Metro 2033 Gets Reviewed by Everyone

Metro 2033 was released earlier this week and it’s been reviewed by pretty much everyone. You read enough of these articles and you get a good idea of what to expect from the game.

Aside from some design flaws, the game sounds pretty interesting with some neat mechanics thrown in to make it stand out from the FPS crowd. If you’re in the mood for a different kind of shooter, give Metro 2033 a spin. It’s also a DirectX 11 game.

Brian Fargo and inXile to Release Dungeon Crawler

Bard’s Tale and Wasteland creator Brian Fargo is working on a new game called Hunted. It’s a co-operative 3rd person hack-and-slash that is using the Unreal 3.0 engine. The description so far sounds pretty predictable with players working together to execute enemies with freeze-then-smash or levitate-then-shoot co-op style.

Knowing past work of Fargo, I hope there’s more substance to this game than what the article’s preview is letting on. What I really want to know is if he’s going to make a sequel to Wasteland (came close to winning the game, when the game world ran out of ammo).

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inXile’s Hunted has obligatory female archer wearing impractical clothing.