Conclusion, Pricing, and Final Thoughts

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  • Competitive cost/GB.
  • Consistent (but low) read speeds.
  • Poor IOPS performance.
  • Inconsistent write speeds (for first few passes).
  • Poor sequential write performance once stable.
  • No TRIM support.

Plextor PX-128M1S Solid State Drive Review - Storage 40


As of this writing, these are only available from Newegg.  Pricing:
  • 64GB: $179 ($2.79/GB)
  • 128GB: $339 ($2.69/GB)
From a cost/GB perspective, these drives look great.  The problem is that when you consider the performance, it makes more sense to go with a better performing drive at the same price point.

Final Thoughts    

These new drives from Plextor offer decent performance at a good price.  While we would have liked to see the top-tier optical media company come out swinging with a newer generation controller, not everyone has such resources at their disposal.  This Marvell controller is unproven, but it did its job well and maintained rock solid read speeds regardless of workload.  This tech may be considerably cheaper, but it is easily bested by the competition.
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