As Al mentioned on the PC Perspective podcast, he has been spending a lot of time with a new SSD from Plextor, a company synonymous with CD/DVD burners in many techies minds.  They have moved on from that segment with the recently released Plextor PX-128M1S SSD.  Inside is a Marvell 88SS8014-BHP2 controller, 128GB of Samsung flash storage and 64MB of HYNIX DDR SDRAM.  It does not support TRIM, but the Marvell controller proved to be talented at garbage cleaning all by its self.  By the end it becomes clear that the drive has a nice price but its performance cannot match some other drives costing roughly the same.

“These new drives from Plextor offer decent performance at a good price. While we would have liked to see the top-tier optical media company come out swinging with a newer generation controller, not everyone has such resources at their disposal. The Micron C200 controller, while dated, does its job well and maintained rock solid read speeds regardless of workload. The older technology, while considerably cheaper, is easily bested by the competition.”

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