If you drop by The Tech Talk forum you will bump into a bit of discussion about AMD and what they are doing in the near future, such as a sneak peek at an MSI board that seems to have a Lucid Hydra chip on it, something which makes Ryan’s news post even more interesting.  You can also grab some information and a bit of snark in this thread about AMD finally bringing developers out of the cold.  There is even a lucky member who managed to get their hands on some unidentified chips, though tracking down exactly what they are might be difficult.

In the Video Card forum it is more about nVIDIA, with excitement building about their upcoming launch and the slight misstep with a recent driver.  In the Storage Forum you can follow the steps needed to get a newer HDD working on an older board and a discussion about the difference between sectors, clusters and allocation units.

Drop into the Linux forum and you can read about a nice little success story involving a presentation or hit the Windows forum for a solution to an odd problem.  On the other hand if you are looking for something different, the Off Topic Forum is always there for you, just like anyone looking for a little political discussion can always find a home in The Lightning Round.

Last but certainly not least, you can catch the 97th instalment of the PC Perspective Podcast on our front page, this time featuring Ryan and Colleen in the same room!