One of our long standing contributors, Lee aka Robotech, has assembled a very comprehensive look at assembling the perfect home theatre.  This is not a review of hardware so much as it is a blueprint to set up a room so as to reach audio and video nirvana.  It will involve tape measures and calculators as the size and shape of the room is one of the more important things for getting that perfect experience.  Join him in Part 1 of what will be an ongoing series of articles delving into the high end of home theatres.

“The room should provide a comfortable environment but should also be able to control sound and light. Both direct and ambient light must be controlled for optimum picture quality and the way sound reflects around the room will greatly affect sound quality. The room dimensions will significantly impact bass sounds and various room treatments may be needed to help control sound reflections (rugs, acoustic ceiling tiles, book cases, sound absorber panels, bass traps, etc). The shape and size of the room, color of the walls, ceiling and floor, furniture, carpet, wall treatments, and lighting all become very important ingredients in a well-designed home theater.”

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