It is not quite available yet but when the ASUS G73J hits the shelves it will be among the best gaming notebooks on the planet.  Inside will be a Intel Core i7-720QM @ 1.6 GHz on an Intel HM55 board, with 8GB of DDR3 and a mobile HD5870 with 1GB of RAM.  Add in a 17.3″ monitor @ 1920×1080 and you have a notebook that outclasses most desktop systems.  Of course the MSRP is going to top $2000, so it will also be more expensive than most desktops.  Drop by InsideHW for a look at this beast.

“Let’s say it straight out – Asus G73J is a notebook with the fastest graphics card in the world, full stop. If you want to play games on your notebook, and don’t have financial issues, look no further. Truth be told, there are notebooks with two graphics cards, which are faster, but don’t have DirectX 11 support, which leaves Asus G73J with the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5870 graphics card as your weapon of choice…”

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