[H]ard|OCP took a system with an HD5970 in it and installed three of the newest games on the market.  They then fired them up to see what happened and recorded the results on video.  The intent of this video review is to show you exactly what to expect when you try EyeFinity on these games; will their graphics settings allow you to specify EyeFinity resolutions right away or will you have to tweak configuration files in order to enjoy gaming across three screens?  Drop by to find out.

“There has been a lot of talk about getting Eyefinity working with the latest games. We wanted to cover this with the latest and greatest games out in the last couple of weeks. We run Bad Company 2, Supreme Commander 2, and Aliens vs. Predator for the first time and show you what it takes to configure the games for a 3×1 Eyefinity Landscape configuration at 5760×1200. ”

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