There is a piece of news and links to some speculation about a little something that was spotted in a Gigabyte BIOS support list, the Core i7-875K.  Its specs parallel the Core i7-870 and since Intel seems to have already settled on a naming scheme for its six core processors it is unlikely to be an i7-870 with an extra pair of cores.  The current belief is that like the Core 2 Duo E6500K which had a very limited release, that it will be an unlocked processor, making K the equivalent to an AMD Black Edition CPU.   Drop by to find out all that is known about this CPU.

“Details are leaking out about new Intel processors, too. The folks at the XtremeSystems forums have found a Gigabyte BIOS support list that mentions an unannounced Core i7-875K processor.

Puzzlingly, the listing says the chip has a 2.93GHz clock speed, 8MB of L3 cache, a 95W thermal envelope, and a 45-nm Lynnfield architecture—pretty much the exact same specs as those of the Core i7-870, which retails for around $550 today. So, what warrants the different model number?”

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