The Ozone Smog mouse bears a remarkable similarity to both the Cyber Snipa and Ace with some individualized tweaks.  The overall shape almost appears shortened as the mouse is quite tall and has an rest for your thumb and one for the fingers on the outside of your hand. It sports adjustable weights an LED panel above the thumbrest indicates which of the four sensitivity levels you are currently using as well as LED indicators for which mode you are using and ‘headlights’.  Unfortunately for Ozone they chose ceramic feet, which worked well on large movements but the friction drove Digital Trends crazy when they tried any small movements.

“Is there any less appropriate name for a product in the green-crazed marketplace of 2010 than the Ozone Smog? Unless some other hapless company is marketing a mouse known as the Barbaric PuppySlayer, we think not. Unfortunate product name aside, the Smog gaming mouse from Spanish upstart Ozone sets its sites squarely on the likes of Logitech and Razer by offering a full- featured gaming mouse at a price more in line with these competitors’ entry-level offerings.”

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