Chieftec is probably not the first name to come to mind when you think about power supplies but they have been in the business for a while and offer several different series of PSUs along with different wattages.  X-bit Labs has grabbed three representatives, from the A135 Series comes the APS-550S and the APS-750C and from the Super Series comes the CFT-600-14CS.  They test the power supplies for stability, usability and compare the results they saw with the claimed performance from the manufacturer.

“About one year ago we reviewed a few power supplies from Chieftec but the newer A135 series (its models have names like APS-xxxS and APS-xxxC) had not made it into our labs back then. We’ll cover it now. Besides, we will discuss the Chieftec CFT-600-14CS model which has an extra letter in its name compared to the previously tested products. So, we will also explain you the difference between the CFT-xxx-14CS and the CFT-xxx-14C power supplies.”

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