The Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N700 combines two peripherals into one and does it in a rather competent manner.  Firstly it is a laptop stand, putting your notebook on a slight incline, making typing a little more comfortable than a flat keyboard about an inch above the surface it is resting on.  It also contains a fan to keep the laptop operating cooler than it would if it was flush with a flat surface.  Add to that a battery of 2″ neodymium speakers to add better sounding treble and some bass to any sounds you might like to play through the laptop and you have something that takes care of three possible issues you might have with your portable silicon buddy.  Drop by OCIA to see just how well Logitech did with their Lapdesk N700.

“When I think of a notebook computer, I typically envision it out and about with its owner, whether it be in a coffee shop, on an airplane, in a hotel room or at the office. Perhaps this is because I own a desktop and spend the majority of my computing time on it. But the fact of the matter is that there are many people that use their notebooks around the house to listen to music, surf the web, chat, check email and watch movies. I even know a few people who rely on a notebook as their only computer. Logitech is targeting users just like this with their newly released Speaker Lapdesk N700.”

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