For about 5 years now Dynatron has abandoned the enthusiast heatsink market in favour of designing cooling solutions for servers.  They return to the market they left with their new Dynatron Genius G950, a cooler compatible with modern AMD and Intel systems.  The heatsink weighs in just a few grams short of 800g and measures 148x124x119mm, making it a good fit for most full size cases.  As FrostyTech ran this cooler through their testing they found that while this is a reasonable choice for a Core i5 or Core 2 Duo there are better choices for the hotter processor lines on the market.  Drop by to see how it all turned out.

“Dynatron’s Genius G950 heatsink stands a modest 148mm tall and weighs 795 grams. The heatsink makes use of two independent array’s of aluminum fins, positioned fore and aft of a single 120mm PWM inset fan. The fan spins by default at a speed of 1600RPM, but will run fairly effectively at 1000RPM as well. Four 6mm diameter heatpipes support the aluminum fins, which have received a simple dip along a center 64mm stretch to enhance airflow, according to the manufacturer.”

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