AMD Black Ops - Live on April 30th - Shows and Expos 2

The AMD Phenom II X6 processor has arrived, but what secrets does it hide, what is its true potential?

On April 30th, starting at 12 noon Central Time 8 overclocking teams from around the world are going to find out. Broadcast live at

You have seen live streams. You have seen overclocking. You have seen high definition. You have seen celebrations of a single moment around the world…but no one has ever seen this.

In an event like none before, AMD Black Ops will be a live stream overclocking event broadcast globally in high definition with plans for 8 of the top overclocking teams broadcasting live from 8 countries. Legendary overclockers including Macci, SF3D, Sampsa, chew*, FUGGER, MikeGuava and many, many more are planning to test the potential of the Leo platform and AMD Phenom II X6 processors under the most extreme conditions. Sponsors include ASUS and Gigabyte with community participation and discussion at,, and

In an epic journey taken by overclockers across the land, AMD Phenom II has crossed the 7GHz threshold, been taken to temperatures approaching absolute zeros, shattered world records and brought amazing performance and performance tuning to enthusiasts everywhere. Now AMD Phenom II X6 is unleashed and ready to continue the journey.

Enthusiast around the world can watch multiple HD streams from around the world at starting Friday the 30th at 12 noon Central Time.

See the AMD Phenom™ II X6 Processor debut in an event like none before. AMD Black Ops. Overclocking teams around the world streamed live and in high definition on Friday April 30th at noon Central Time.