The Corsair 800D is a great case but at $320 it is a little bit rich for all but the most devoted enclosure fanatic.  Their new case, the Obsidian 700D represents a different take on the established platform.  For the sacrifice of a the  hot-swap bays and the side window, Corsair has dropped the price of their new casing by almost $100.  You still get all the other features of the Obsidian series; it is up to you to decided how much you like the hot-swappable HDD bays and a side window.  Get all the facts from Ryan’s latest review here.

“Corsair heard some of these complaints and decided to release the new 700D case with the sole purpose to lower the cost. How did they do it? If you are familiar with the 800D already, then imagine that exact design without the four hot-swap hard drive bays on the front and without the window on the side panel. That adds up to about a $50 price difference putting the 700D at about $229 or so when it goes on sale later in April.”

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