The Tech Report has reviewed an interesting laptop from ASUS that tries to pack a lot of power into a 13.3″ laptop, a form factor more often associated with long battery life at the cost of processing power.  The ASUS U30Jc has a Core i3-350M @ 2.26GHz, 4GB of DDR3-1066 and uses the Intel HM55 with the nVIDIA 310M 512MB with Optimus technology.  The screen is 1366×768, offering fairly high resolution for its size and good enough to offer the quality to play HD movies.  Perhaps the best news is the battery life, which easily topped 4 hours of movie playback.

“What happens when you put a Core i3 processor, GeForce GPU, and Optimus graphics switching technology into a 13.3″ laptop? Can such a system compete with the battery life of ultraportables, and is it worth the price premium?”

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