If you passed over Ryan’s peek at the upcoming ASUS Ares graphics card on the assumption it was just another overclocked HD5890, you missed out on something big.  It is in fact a pair of true HD 5870 GPUs, both with a bit of an overclock bringing their cores up to 850MHz and each GPU gets a full 2GB of RAM to use.  Now this extra power does have some side effects, the card is very large and requires not only two 8-pin power connectors but also a 6-pin as well.  28.4k on the GPU result in a quick run of 3DMark Vantage beats the GTX480 and the HD5890 by a fair bit.

“While the card we are showing here is a production sample, ASUS assures us that it will be available in about 2 months or so. The ASUS ARES as it is called is a dual-GPU Evergreen product with a pair of TRUE HD 5870 GPUs – not a combination of HD 5850 GPUs like the Radeon HD 5970 released back in November.”

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