When your young child approaches you (assuming you knew you had a kid) and complains that their PC is slow, often the solution is as simple as Spybot, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware or rkill but not always.  Sometimes it is a problem that requires a bit of thought to fix.  There might be some things you want to consider to prevent the former problem, if not the latter.

Dropping by the Processor Forum might involve you in a different sort of discussion than usual.  Instead of arguing the price/performance of various Intel Core series CPUs versus Athlon/Phenom II’s, what are your thoughts on the benefits when choosing between a Sempron 210U and an Atom processor?  The Overclocking Forum is of course still rocking as there is always another system that needs a bump up, be it a recalcitrant Core i7 920 or someone looking to replicate an existing overclock on a i7 940.  In the Cases and Cooling forum, you might want to keep an eye on this zombie thread in case you were ever looking to mod in a Reserator

Perhaps you prefer Linux, especially those odd challenges like installing it on a dead badger and being able to boot said installation via a cell phone.  If, on the other hand you were looking for lighter entertainment there is a free multiplayer weekend for Modern Warfare 2, something the Fragging Frogs are bound to be around for.

Whatever you chose to do, make sure you check out our 100th Podcast … with added prizes!  (Nutritional value still marginal.)