The joys of owning and tweaking a PC never end as most problems can be worked at and fixed, even if it is sometimes equivalent to digging a tunnel with a spoon.  The sheer amount of hurdles to overcome never drops, even if your system is stable, because once you know it is stable then the temptation to overclock and tweak kicks in.  One of the biggest challenges on an almost stable rig is determining just where the problem lies; similar to the issues one faces on a PC that is not almost stable.  Of course, if you really want a challenge you should consider switching to Linux.

If that all seems to much for you then the Off Topic forum is a great place to blow off a bit of stress, The Lightning Round is where you can blow off some steam and if all else fails then sell your kit at The Trading Post put your feet up and learn about all the new upcoming components on the PC Perspective Podcast.