If you’ve owned pets, small children or drunken roommates, then at least you can blame any broken speaker cones on someone other than yourself.  That has limited success as a tactic and you can be guaranteed that asking the aforementioned to fix the damage that they might or might not have caused will not be at all effective.  OCMODSHOP offers a process that will work, step by step instructions to re-edge your speakers something that needs to be done of you are going to replace damaged cones.  It is not as hard as you might think so drop by and see how to do it.

“You have two obvious choices: either buy a new speaker or replace the entire driver assembly. The hidden option number three is to repair the speaker yourself. As long as the paper cone isn’t damaged then really all you have to do is replace the foam and gaskets around the paper cone. This could save you a lot of money, especially the bigger and more expensive your driver is. For around $15 and a little time I was able to repair my driver and salvage my expensive subwoofer.

Doing repair on your speaker may be intimidating to those that aren’t experienced with such things, but it is very easy. Let’s face it; this isn’t rocket science and you don’t have to do anything electronic. If you’ve ever glued popsicle sticks onto construction paper in kindergarten then you’re more than qualified to re-edge your speakers (but you may need help with the Safety Scissors).”

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