You can get your fill of Digital Video Recorder pr0n at Engadget this morning with SnapStream’s rather impressive beast.  Able to record 50 shows all at once and with over 100TB of storage this recorder to end all recorders should be able to grab more TV than you could ever possibly keep up with.  Five separate rack-mounted SnapStream DVRs are strung together in technically intricate manner and housed in a enclosure that looks a tad larger than your average beer fridge.  It wouldn’t take you long to grab every episode of your favourite shows, but you do need to find the time to watch them.

“Get ready for an acute case of DVR inadequacy courtesy of SnapStream, which has pieced together what it’s calling the world’s largest DVR, and we’re inclined to believe them. Run a coax in the back and, with a fully configured unit, you can record a whopping 50 channels simultaneously onto over 100TB of storage. ”

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