One piece of kit that some overlook when they are upgrading are the fans attached to both the case and the heatsink.  Instead of picking up a replacement it is possible that switching out the fans that they came with for third party fans may improve your system. It might be that you want more airflow, or perhaps the fans are a little loud for your sensitive ears or maybe you want a bit of both.  Overclockers HQ has taken a look into the fans that NZXT currently offer for sale in 120mm, 140mm and 200mm sizes.

“Keeping our computers cool seems to be a never-ending job. As our systems get faster and smaller, they generate more heat. That heat has to be removed somehow. Today we take a look at 3 of NZXT’s Performance cooling fans. NZXT has provided us with a 200mm, a 140mm, and a 120mm fan. We will be checking these units out and compare them against the specifications of the fans in my current case. These are some heavy-duty fans and I expect them to hold up well to the completion. Lets take a look at these fans. ”

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