Blue is the colour of extreme speed at Western Digital as they introduced their SiliconEdge Blue series.  The 256GB model is currently up for review at Techgage; sure it is $700 but wouldn’t you think that is a good hint of its performance?  Unfortunately, while we saw performance scaling upwards the more storage space is on an SSD as it entails an increase in channels.  In this case we saw WD’s SSD performing on par with much smaller models.  It certainly is fast, but perhaps not as fast as other offerings and if you are going to spend the better part of $1000 on one storage drive, shouldn’t you demand the best?

You can also catch Allyn’s take on this drive in his full review.

“The SSD market is littered with competitors, but up to now, few companies behind mechanical storage have entered the arena. Last month though, Western Digital scratched its name off the list, with the help of its SiliconEdge Blue models. We’re taking a look at the 256GB variant here, so let’s see how it fares against the competition!”

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