For those who never figured out why the basic off white computer box went out of style, or are a fan of the basic black casing so it hides unobtrusively underneath your desk then this review is not for you.  On the other hand if you have argued about the difference in hue between indigo and aubergine then having a case that is available in 256 different colours might well excite you.  That is not all the A380COLOR – PLUS has going for it, there is a pair of 250mm fans with LEDs and another pair of 180mm fans that can go on the top and an extra 120mm fan for exhaust.  Drop by R&B Mods to see if this is the casing to bring some colour to your computing life.

“Today we have one of XClio’s newest cases up for review: the A380Color PLUS. Priced at $170, this case is aimed towards enthusiasts looking for a roomy and flashy case. The A380Color PLUS features 256 customizable colors and two huge 250mm intake fans.”

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