Foxconn, LOTES and Tyco AMP must be jumping for joy at the news about Intel’s upcoming SandyBridge CPUs as it turns out they are not socket LGA1156 chips but are instead a brand new socket type, LGA1155.  The main motherboard partners with Intel are probably considering burning down warehouses full of Nehalem boards and making an insurance claim since Intel is not going to emulate AMD’s strategy with socket AM2+ offering an upgrade path without having to completely replace your motherboard.  On the other hand, the new socket does allow for the changes that are reported to be in SandyBridge’s architecture, so follow the link from Slashdot before you work up too much of a lather.

“According to a leaked roadmap, next year we’ll be saying hello to LGA1155. The socket is 1-pin different from the current LGA1156 socket Core i3, i5, and some i7s use. Sandy Bridge CPUs will be based on the current 32nm, second-generation High-k metal gate manufacturing process. All LGA1155 CPUs will have integrated graphics built into the core instead of a separate chip. This is an upgrade from the current IGP, PCI Express controller and memory controller in Clarkdale CPUs. which is manufactured on the older 45nm process in a separate die (but still slapped together the same package). This should improve performance, as all the controllers will be in one die, like existing LGA1366 CPUs.”

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