Just a few months ago we saw the first 2nd generation Atom parts from Intel, the Atom N450 and N470 both single core dual thread 45nm parts with 612KB cache, the N450 clocked at 1.66GHz and the N470 at 1.83GHz and using DDR2.   Sometime very soon will see the arrival of the Atom N455 and N475, which will be able to use DRR3 and hopefully bring a bit more speed to the table.  Also mentioned in DigiTimes’ article is news about the third generation of Atoms, the 500 series, which we should hear more about in June.

“Intel is preparing to launch more Atom-based processors for netbooks soon including models that support DDR3 memory and dual-cores, according to sources from notebook players.

Intel launched its second-generation Atom N450 and N470 processors in January 2010 and is planning to launch DDR3-supporting Atom N455 and N475 shortly.

In June, Intel is set to reveal more details about its third-generation netbook platform as well as launching the dual-core Atom N500 series, the sources noted.

Asustek Computer is already preparing to launch an Atom N500-based netbook in the third quarter with a price set at about NT$18,000 (US$575), the sources added.

Intel declined the opportunity to respond to this report saying it cannot comment on unannounced products.”

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