For most people the buzz about the iPad is about skin deep.  They care about its form factor and the apps that are available and maybe a bit about the quality of the screen.  At PC Perspective most members interest doesn’t get tweaked until the plastic comes off and we can get a peek inside.  Thankfully AnandTech has given us a way to do that without having to buy one and disassemble it.  It seems that the submission to the FCC wasn’t done by someone with a full grasp of photo-editing and the greyed out pictures were easily uncovered.  For instance we now know for sure that the processor is indeed ARM based.

“We’ve been keeping an eye out for the iPad’s inevitable FCC Filing, and although initial documents posted today at a number of sites, the images of the all important SoC flash, and other chips were obscured with grey overlays.

Unfortunately for the FCC, the obscuring was done using a layer on top of the actual content in the PDF. Simply copying the PDF contents into Photoshop removed the grey overlay and revealed the chip markings on the PCB. First to notice the sloppy editing was ifixit who began publishing the uncensored details of the inside of Apple’s new iPad due to be released tomorrow.”

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