The PowerColor HD 5750 Green sports a very large passive heatsink, a very, very large heatsink.  They took advantage of the extra height this card requires by stacking the second HDMI connector above the first as opposed to the side.  The space cleared by that move is taken up by an HDMI port and a Display port, and the power saved by the passive cooling solution means no PCIe power plugs, of either 4 pin or 6 pin, is needed.  No performance was sacrificed in the making of this card and Neoseeker couldn’t believe their eyes when they checked the temperatures.

“The PowerColor HD 5750 Green is the first card in PowerColor’s “Unplug” series. It uses PowerColor’s new innovative Efficient Energy Transforming Technology, which is what allows the card to consume so little power. All without the sacrifice of performance.”

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