Disappointed by Moller’s failed flying Skycars? Depressed at the thought of trying to mod something out of firehoses?  Don’t live near enough to a body of water to ponder a jet pack?  Stop your worrying, the Marines are on the job, along with DARPA.  They are looking to develop a flying multipurpose vehicle that is also effective on the ground by 2015.  The TransformerTX is on the books as a $43 million dollar project, one that most anyone who ever read a comic book or watched TV or movies hopes does not get cut.  Drop by The Register for more information and your token BladeRunner reference.

“Big news for flying-car lovers today, as US military boffinry chiefs have unveiled full details of their plan to produce an excellent flying Humvee or sky-jeep type vehicle – and have a prototype flying by 2015.

Plans for the so-called “Transformer TX” were revealed in Pentagon budget documents last year, but details were sketchy. Now a full announcement (pdf) has been made, inviting proposals both from companies or organisations capable of designing the entire vehicle and others who would develop enabling technologies.”

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