The creative industry on this ball of mud seems to have gone into a recursive phase, deciding the path of least resistance to riches lies in poaching from the intellectual property of previous generations creative souls.  The majority of major releases are sequels, some entertaining, some rather tarnished and worn from the passage of time.  In some ways it is rather nice to see these old friends again, but when you realize that the only changes since you last saw them were the addition of some bad habits and sparkly bits of bling, well you kind of wish you could hold onto your old, fond memories of them.  Such is the case today, where we see the death throes of the venerable and venerated X:COM series.  If you thought that X:COM Interceptor was an awful idea, wait until you read this information at ROCK, PAPER, SHOTGUN! … yes, that’s right a first person shooter.  It is not like base management, research trees, economics and a desperate attempt to cover the whole planet was important to that series?  You can totally replace them with scripted events that the player character has no control over and the addition of a skill tree to make each time you play through the game ‘unique’. 

As if that wasn’t enough to send you back to bed, Syndicate is being remade.  If you weren’t gaming in the early 90’s then chances are good you will never know why the 30 somethings in the room begin regaling each other with incomprehensible mentions of EuroCorp and The Tao, but that reason is Syndicate.   The details are sketchy so far, but as no one does turn based tactical shooters anymore it will likely be unrecognizable. 

Don’t even mention Deus Ex or System Shock.

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