At the extreme end of density and savings lie the 2TB platter based hard drives and at the extreme end of storage speed you find SSDs.  The middle ground, where the price matters somewhat and performance matters somewhat has been WD’s VelociRaptor line up.  Not exactly the cheapest drives and not as fast as the SSDs but for most the series has represented the best of both worlds.  The line up has been getting a little elderly and we finally have a refresh to the line up with two new drives, a 450GB and 600GB.  The speed is still there and the price is even better, at this point the 600GB is $279 or $0.46/GB and the 450GB model will probably be about $30 less.  Check out the whole story in Allyn’s review.

“The new VelociRaptor 600GB offers great performance at a *lower* cost/GB than its predecessor. While most of the specs match the older 300GB model, the increased platter density gave a nice boost to sequential transfer rates. The dual core processor and SATA 6Gb/sec interface are welcome improvements to the Raptor line, but since HDD’s barely challenge SATA 3Gb/sec, the move to 6Gb/sec in this arena appears to be more future-proofing than ground breaking at present.”

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