MSI has let us know of a rather interesting product they are making available in the North America market – the GE600. The GE600 is a 16″ machine outfitted with an ATI Radeon HD5730 for some decent 3D performance, as well as a Intel Core i5-430M, 4GB RAM, and a 320GB HDD.

What is intriguing is the price – just $899 at NewEgg. Compare the GE600 to the GX640 announced a few days ago, the major differences are the screen sizes and the GPU. If you’re on a budget and game performance isn’t your main requirement, then the GE600 looks like excellent value that balances price and performance.

But at 16″ and 5.9 lbs, it’s not the lightest notebook – so get yourself a decent bag while you’re at it.

MSI Announces GE600 - A Light 16" Gaming Notebook - Mobile 2

The GE600’s new ATI Radeon HD5730 GPU supports DirectX 11 graphics, making the notebook compatible with the rapidly approaching next generation of games and 3D graphics.  Its new Core i5 processor improves battery life by as much a 15% and Intel’s new Turbo Boost technology can increase overall performance by 30%.

“The new GE600 is a powerful mobile gaming station that delivers everything a gamer needs to emerge from battle victorious in a lightweight affordable package,” said Andy Tung, Vice President of Sales, MSI North America.

The notebook’s handsome new design features a durable scratch resistant chassis, glossy black exterior and a sand accented interior with illuminated touch sensitive hotkeys.  The GE600’s raised chiclet keyboard and wide touchpad increase both accuracy and comfort while typing or gaming. 

The newest addition to the G-Series family of gaming notebooks also ships with a 16-inch LCD screen with 1366×768 resolution, 4GB of DDR3 memory, a 320GB hard drive 7200rpm, a 6-cell battery, Bluetooth connectivity and Microsoft’s Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit.

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