The Mushkin Ridgeback 998827 PC3 12800 kit is 3x2GB DDR3 DIMMs with a rather spiny look to them thanks to the integral heat spreaders.  Natively they run at 8-8-8-24 but there is a bit of overhead left on these DIMMs, enough to take them over 2000MHz.  OCC hit 2049MHz on their test system though the timings were reduced to 8-10-9-29 and they jumped the voltage to 1.68 from the recommended 1.65V.  The kit is a little expensive but with the overclock that they can manage it might be worth your hard earned dollars.

“When it came to the Ridgeback kit the limit was an amazing 28% frequency increase. This allowed for an additional 449MHz, for a total speed of 2049MHz. Not too many set’s out there can reach beyond the 2000MHz mark, so this is very impressive showing, but equally impressive is that they scaled this high with the CAS latency remaining at 8. With this being the case end timings were 8 -10-9-29, a command rate of 2T, with the voltage needing to be set a 1.68 to fully run stable.”

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