Showing off a 12", 2lb heatsink is fine and dandy if you have a big case but having to cut a hole in the side of an HTPC just to fit it in doesn’t make a lot of sense.  For a small casing you need a small heatsink, preferably one that is quiet, and the Cooler Master Vortex Plus is both.  It is compatible with modern CPU’s from both Intel and AMD but the chances of using this low profile cooler to keep an Intel Core i7 cool are fairly slim.  Think Computers had some issues cooling a Q6600, so you really do need to think low power CPUs for use with the Vortex Plus and make sure you follow the mounting instructions carefully as it is a little different than other heatsinks.

"Today we have the opportunity to take a look at Cooler Master’s latest CPU Cooler, the Vortex Plus. It features a low profile design, 84mm, which is perfect for HTPC and LAN box cases. This small CPU cooler supports all of the latest and greatest CPUs, but how well will it perform?"

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