OCZ (aka PC Power & Cooling in this particular case) has a PSU that should interest anyone looking at building a high powered rig.  The Z Series 850W 80+ PSU, as the name implies, sports an 80+ Gold rating putting it at the top of the current power efficiency scale.  It has a single 71A 12V rail which can essentially eat every bit of power the PSU can produce at peak usage.  There is more than enough power for most dual GPU systems and you can be sure that just about all the power you are drawing from the wall is being used by your computer.  Drop by Bjorn3D for a closer look.

“With GPU’s gobbling power at unheard rates, it’s important to choose your power supply carefully. You may save a few dollars on a bargain power supply but usually in the end, you pay more on the electric bill than you saved. It makes sense opt for a high quality, high performing power supply that might cost a few dollars more but shaves a few bucks off the electric bill each month. At low draw conditions, the OCZ Z 850W power supply hits about 81% efficiency but as load increases it becomes more efficient hittings as high as 91 – 92% efficiency.”

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