Overclockers Club examines a trio of mice from Razer, the mobile Orochi which can be used wirelessly or wired, the button encrusted Naga and the highly sensitive Imperator.  Each mouse is specialized for a different purpose, such as the Naga which has 17 programmable buttons making it perfect for RPGs, especially of the MMORPG variety.  The Imperator can be set at up to 5600DPI for those who want an incredibly sensitive mouse and the Naga is great when you are on the road and as it can be plugged in directly as well, you don’t need to worry about Bluetooth lag if you want to get some gaming done.  Check them out before you buy your next mouse.

“Take a look at the original question that I had asked – are you looking for a new mouse that is going to meet your gaming needs? Well I think that one of the three mice here is going to hit what you are looking for in a mouse, be it a FPS gaming mouse, a mouse for RPGs, or even a mouse to use with your notebook/netbook while you are traveling around.”

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