XFX has extended their Black Edition lineup with a 750W PSU and [H]ard|OCP is hoping that it can live up to the quality of the 850W PSU they reviewed just a short while ago.  It still sports a fairly powerful 12V line, 62 amp with 4 PCIe power connectors that can provide up to 744W.  Perhaps even better, the quality of the power supply matched the quality of the 850W, it simply provided a little less power.  Drop by to check out the review and remind yourself of the unique fashion sense that XFX believes in.

“XFX is back with its “Love it or hate it!” heavy handed green and black industrial motif on a new 750 watt computer power supply. Just perfect for a new power hungry Fermi video card. Is XFX’s new PSU up to our testing criteria? Last time around XFX did great, hopefully this one is up to our test.”

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