The $250 Samsung B2430is a 24″ TN LCD panel with a native 1920 x 1080 resolution.  According to InsideHW there are a few flaws, the swivel-less base and the fact that the monitor does not tilt past 90 degrees will make a lot of users turn away in disgust.  Samsung tries to overcome this with a feature called MagicAngle which is supposed to change the viewing angle of the screen without the need to move the monitor.  This seems like an unneeded gimmick when the ability to mechanically tilt the monitor works so easily.
“The largest representative of Samsung’s new series of economic models offers little new as far as its design goes, but certainly can’t be deemed obsolete either. Glossy black plastic, with a transparent accent on the lower side of the screen frame, appears to be the current trend. The screen frame could certainly be narrower, but that comes down to each user’s taste anyway. Touch-responsive buttons help maintain the clean, rounded lines and enable easy adjustment via the logically organized OSD menu. A swivel-less base and the impossibility of tilting the screen towards the user past the 90 degree point relative to the surface the monitor is placed on may be counted as flaws…”

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