The SteelSeries 7G Professional Gaming Keyboard is for those with a serious input fetish.  Just like some love enclosures enough to happily drop $300 on a case there are those who feel good about spending over $140 to buy a keyboard.  PCShopTalk asks the question that is probably at the top of everyone’s minds, is it worth it?  They take a look at the keyboard, its features and its performance in their latest review.  Click if you dare.

“There are lots and lots of gaming keyboard nowadays on the market, with a lot of extra buttons, LEDs, or even backlit keys; SteelSeries decided to manufacture something different: the 7G preserves a classic look, the build quality is high, its very durable and has a large handrest to increase comfort during large gaming sessions or office applications. Because it has a classic layout, the time to get used to it is a matter of minutes.”

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