SuperTalent’s new USB 3.0 SuperCrypt thumb drive has a lot going for it.  You get the security of two AES encryption options, including an STT encryption utility for password protection and 128-bit ECB encryption, so your data is secure.  You also get to access those files faster, 216 MB/s if you install SuperTalent’s proprietary driver.  If you are interested in a thumb drive that gives the performance of an SSD you owe it to yourself to see Ryan’s full review.

“If you have USB 3.0 in your system already, or were thinking about the ASUS U3S6 or ECS add-in cards, then you need a device like this to truly see its potential. You can use it for speedy backups or moving large amounts of data between USB 3.0-ready systems or just sit there and read and write to it to see how fast it can go. I would like to see prices lowered on them as they are quite high but for getting speed and encryption features working right off the bat, Super Talent deserves some credit.”

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