It is going to take a while to finally start to see actual products for testing but the information about Intel’s new platform is coming out slowly and from the naming scheme it seems Intel knew it would be taking time off.  We know a bit about their plans for the mid to low range market but the real question is their plans for the high end.  As you can read at VR-Zone the platform is called Waimea Bay and would consist of a socket LGA1156 Sandy Bridge E CPU with 2 or 4 cores on a Patsburg PCH, or chipset.  There are a lot of changes coming, from the adoption of third generation PCIe and dumping QPI and IOH for a new way to communicate between the chipset and CPU.  It will not include USB 3.0.

“Earlier on, we had unveiled chipset specifications for Intel Mainstream (MS) desktop in 2011, but at that point in time, little was known of what would replace the Tylersburg Enthusiast Platform consisting Intel X58 Express chipset + i7-980X “Gulftown” CPU. With LGA1155 Sandy Bridge-MS samples already shipping, it even looked like we’d have the Tylersburg Enthusiast Platform sticking with us for a very long time.”

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