The PC Perspective Contest thread is seeing a lot of action, over 600 posts indicate that your chances might be slim but remember that there are still 3 other ways to get extra chances so make sure you take advantage of that!  If you do win, or have a system that needs a little tweaking it is nice to know exactly how well you did at enhancing your performance.  Benchmarks are the tool to determine how fast you are going but there are other tweaks than just overclocking, for instance how would you be positive that your RAID 1 is behaving properly?  Then again, picking up new kit is always nice as well.

If software is your thing, perhaps a discussion on how Intel’s new complier works on non Intel hardware would peak your interest.  Or perhaps you feel rather strongly about nVIDIA’s new cards, one way or the other.  Maybe you are still pondering the move to an SSD and are wondering if it is worth it and how exactly you are going to clone your existing install.  Whatever your needs you will find it somewhere on the PC Perspective Forums.

You should also grab the newest podcast, thanks to the release of a certain high tech rectangular fruit by product the podcast was done old school, audio only but still full of discussion on the newest tech of the week. You should also see what Ryan was doing with AMD.