Flashing your BIOS EEPROM chip has gotten a lot easier and safer over the years as we have seen companies develop several strategies to prevent a bad flash from happening and bricking whatever it was you were trying to update.  Those who have been bitten several times over the years tend not to trust these features and some components, such as your graphics card may not have features to make flashing easier.  For those situations a boot disk with the absolute minimum of TSR programs is the weapon of choice even if the disk has changed from a 3.5″ floppy to a thumb drive.  If you have wondered how exactly to go about making a bootable USB drive for Windows/DOS that you can flash from then head over to Bjorn3D for a crash course.

If you are more of a Linux/BSD or other OS type then UNetbootin, the Universal Netboot Installer works fairly well.

“Having had to do that today it struck me that other people might want easy access to a ‘How to make a USB drive windows 98 bootable’ for flashing their boards. Hours later here I sit with pictures in hand, bootable USB drive flashing my GPU BIOS and half wondering how I got here.

All that aside lets get started. First we are venturing into making a USB Stick bootable then we’ll do a short how to flash an Nvidia cards BIOS thing (GTX-480 in this case). That’s easiest because that’s what we needed the USB Drive bootable for.”

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