It would seem that the Nintendo Power Glove was not a big enough fail to scare a company called Iron Will Innovations from attempting to repeat their mistake.  The Peregrine is a neoprene glove with five contact points on three of your fingers, the pinky has only three.  You touch one of those contact points to your thumb, or the pad on the palm of your hand to indicate a keystroke.  Ars Technica tried it out and found it ranged from awful to bearable depending on which games they tested.

“It has been a while since a glove has been used as a video game controller. In fact, the last time I personally used one, I was eight and had convinced my parents to buy me a Nintendo Power Glove. Now, Iron Will Innovations has released The Peregrine, a glove that takes the place of a keyboard for your PC games. We spent some time with one, and can confidently say that it’s a cool device that hardcore gamers will love, but we’re not entirely convinced it’s something you’ll need to buy to enjoy games to their fullest.”

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