With compatibility with Intel LGA 775 & 1366 support as well as AMD’s K8, AM2(+) and AM3, the Thermaltake PWB 100 should work on any modern system and for $66 it shouldn’t break your bank.  Of course the first thing that Bjorn3D did, like any good techie, is disassemble the housing on the waterblock to see how it is laid out.  Not only does the design look promising, it also bears more than a slight resemblance to Thermaltake’s logo.  The performance was quite good, even if they didn’t use the 1/4″ barbs that Bjorn3D prefers.

“When we think of water blocks and of water cooling in general, we think of names like Danger Den, Koolance, EK, Heatkiller and D-Tek. At the bottom of our list is Coolermaster, Corsair and finally ThermalTake. These companies have been only been known for water blocks that barely cut the grade, a quick intro to water cooling, cheap easy to set up water cooling, and in most cases a good aircooler would out perform these types of water cooling.

Now since air coolers are getting outrageously overpriced, people who want to have good cooling and quiet operation, can venture into water cooling. ThermalTake has brought to us a rather unique CPU water block. This water block does not conform to their traditional designs and in fact performs quite well. It can be used as an upgrade from ThermalTake’s Big Water series water cooling or as a separate block for those who want more of a customized water cooling set up for their computers.”

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