Even just a quick peek at Psyko’s 5.1 PC Gaming Headsettells you this is not your average headset, and that doesn’t count the kit it comes with.  The headset is an eye catching orange with serious padding on the headband as well as the cups.  Those cups have a transparent plastic outside which can be flipped up to allow some fresh air into your sweaty earholes after a long gaming session.  The headphones are not all that you will get, the kit includes an amp, which has 3.5-mm front, rear, center/sub, and microphone leads that plug directly into your audio source.  Drop by The Tech Report for a look at headphones which are designed for those who prefer precise positional accuracy over sound quality. 

“Psyko’s 5.1 surround-sound headphones promise to envelope gamers in a perfect room filled with accurate positional audio. But can fancy waveguides really trump a proper speaker setup or even surround virtualization schemes? We find out.”

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