There is a little bit of math involved determining how well AMD’s brand new 6 core Phenom II X6 1090T performs.  At the base of the equation is price and you can currently pick up the new Thuban based CPU for $309 at NewEgg and the only other 6 core processor on the market, Intel’s 980X will run you $999.  This makes performance per dollar a significantly more valuable measure of AMD’s new chip as it would be an odd world if a $300 part could compete directly against something more than three times its price.  When you break it down that way some interesting results appear when you compare the 1090T to the current offerings on the market.

There is more than just performance though, there is new technology to explore, such as the Turbo mode that will shut down unused cores and automatically overclock the cores that are in use.  This not only has an effect on overall performance but it illustrates what happens to this CPU when more than 3 cores are active and what makes the ageing Phenom II X2 955 BE a better choice for some applications.  Read the full review to get the full picture.

“The 1090T does not come anywhere close to the mighty i7-980X in overall performance, but it also does not come anywhere close in price. $285 is far more palatable than the $999 MSRP that Intel suggests. It does allow AMD to be more competitive against the quad core i7 and i5 parts though. The i7-930 is $295 and the i7-950 and i7-870 are over $550. When comparing price/performance, the 1090T is very competitive with the 930, and seriously wipes the floor with the 950 and 870 parts.”

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