When Legit Reviews noticed their dual monitor GTX 480 setup idling around 90C they felt there was something wrong, most likely with the fan profiles.  Talking with nVIDIA has netted them a new BIOS for the card which they promptly flashed and set about retesting the card.  On a single monitor the new BIOS dropped the temperatures a few degrees and on the multiple monitor setup they saw a drop of 10C, still hot but a big improvement from the original temperatures.  Drop by for a look at exactly what happened.

“The main issue that we had with the GeForce GTX 480 in our initial review were the high temperatures and we were shocked to see dozens of review sites give the GeForce GTX 480 video card an award when the reviews went up on March 26th, 2010. When we tried to use the GeForce GTX 480 on a multi-monitor setup we knew that 90C at an idle was not right and we called it out. Even though some at NVIDIA might not have liked our review it was the truth! We knew something wasn’t right and over the past two weeks we have worked with NVIDIA and made sure our concerns were heard and that something was being done about it. From the looks of things the latest version of GPU-Z and the latest BIOS update make running a dual monitor setup possible without cooking your system internals…”

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