If it wasn’t for spyware, malware, trojans, protean viruses and the rest of the nasties running around on the web today, you would probably actually be able to get your work done on time though there would probably be a lot of out of work techies and PC repair shops.  Unfortunately that is not the case and visiting a web page that was secure yesterday doesn’t mean you won’t be hit with a drive by vulnerability today.  If you do end up getting infected and spend time cleaning off the machine you should remember one mantra, “if it’s been infected and you have to ask if it’s clean, it’s not.“.

When you drop a question in the PC Perspective Forums it is sometimes best to be very specific when asking a question as the knowledgeable folks might confuse you a bit as the answers flow in.  For instance, a question about the best processor will net you answers from touting the benefits of the powerful i7 980X through to the energy efficiency of the Atom!  It’s not that our members aren’t helpful, simply that they might be overwhelmingly helpful!  A very specific question will net a specific answer, or two. 

Of course we aren’t all seriousness, there is humour to be found, kit to be swapped and even a podcast that you can sit back and enjoy; whatever you’re looking for we hope you find it on our Forums.